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Type-C Electric LED Mosquito Killer Lamp

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Style - Electrical
Number of pieces - 1
Is electric - Yes
Target species - Fly, Mosquito, Ants, Fleas
Item Weight- 600 Grams
Shape- Round 
Designed in the UK

  • [ Mosquito Killer Lamp] - Electronic Fly Zapper is  effectively attract mosquitoes, Ants,  Fleas, Flies, Moths and quickly kill them with 5V/ 1A voltage.
  • [Wide Coverage] - Mosquito killer lamp has a wide effective coverage of  inside/outside use, porch, backyard, patio, lawn, garden,hotels,office,restaurant etc.
  • [Sturdy and Long-lating] - Mosquito killer lamp can be placed on a flat surface or hung in the house , with a ring hanging on top.
  • [Safe and Non-Toxic】- Adopts the physical way to exterminate mosquitoes, no noise, no chemicals, can 100% physically eliminate mosquitoes and other insects. The shell is made of high quality ABS to prevent accidental contact. It is safe for pregnant women, children and pets.




Exciting Mealtimes

Zero Toxins

Zero Melamine

Environment Friendly

Zero Bpa Or Phthalates

Zero Plastic


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