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our story

it’s a magical moment.

There is a twinge felt in our hearts when we see a baby giggle. Science tells us it is an oxytocin rush. But it is far deeper than chemistry.

Every culture talk about mother's unconditional love. The Greeks called it Agape. Like the Greeks let us leave it undefined, just felt.

We at Starkiddo are inspired by this bond. We are a boutique who curates products with this uncompromising ethos and quality. Our products have been handpicked and subject to stringent quality norms.

Our Story

Little hands and big imaginations. Let's play!

Feeding milestones are exciting times and star kiddo baby-led weaning products ensure you're on your way to falling in love with your little one's new world - making every mealtime a fun learning experience. Gentle development of fine motor skills related to eating and hand eye coordination

We believe that every moment is worth embracing; from the sleep deprived times to the snuggles fueled by laughter, each moment is a magical milestone for your family. And we believe that every baby is worth celebrating. Staying connected with your baby during mealtime is just as important for you as well, we are here to make mealtime enjoyable and effortless for both you and your baby.

Discover the UK-designed Star Kiddo baby-led weaning plates - guaranteed to ignite a lifetime of healthy eating habits and fun times. Every moment spent with your little ones is so precious and unforgettable.

The small hands, boundless creativity, and endless inquisitiveness of infants and children up to 7 years of age are only matched by their appetite. Our products are crafted to be both practical and ageless, perfect for this age group.