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Care and Instructions

Bamboo Product Care and Instruction

Your StarKiddo® premium bamboo products are designed to last a lifetime, but much like any other product made from nature it does require your care. Before the first use, clean the meal set well with soapy warm water.

Washing and storing:
→ Our products are hand-wash only and not suitable for the dishwasher or microwave.
→The good news is bamboo is naturally antibacterial and microbial, so warm soapy water and a very mild detergent is all you need.
→ When washing please be sure to remove the silicone ring when drying so that the product can be dried in full. Much like any other natural product exposed to the elements of water and air over an extended period, you do not want to encourage mildew by leaving your products wet or soaked for prolonged periods.

Handle with care probably an obvious one, but yes, unfortunately our products are not immune to heavy falls or repeated knocks, this will cause cracks, splits or scuff the bowls and may render them unsafe to use.

Extend the lifetime: Oiling (Coconut Oil) your bamboo bowls and plates keeps the wood supple and moisturized.

Think of it like your skin: the more it's exposed to the elements (water), the more it becomes scaly and dry, eventually leading to cracking and splitting. A generous application of oil conditions the wood, and repeated application saturates the layers, keeping the wood resilient and providing a natural luster.

Safety Information
→ All baby wares and accessories by Star kiddo are safe, odorless and food grade material.
→ The products are Non-toxic, BPA, PVC lead. heavy metal, latex, and phthalate free.
→ All the products should be used with proper adult supervision.

Silicon Product Care and Instructions

Silicone has its natural way to resist the growth of bacteria. However, we recommend that you clean your silicone wares and accessories using one of the following methods:

Wash them separately in warm soapy water. It is recommended to use gentle baby dishwashing liquid. If you are sensitive to the smell of dishwashing liquids, you can boil it for 2-3 minutes.

After washing, be sure to let it dry completely or dry it with a soft, clean cloth. Store it in a cool, dry place when not in use. It is a good idea to keep the silicone ware by separating them using a lint-free cloth to avoid contact.

Removing odours from silicone dishware
Some scented soaps and strong-smelling foods may leave residual fragrance or taste - this is inherent of silicone material. For best results, hand wash with natural unscented dish soap & gentle sponge.
Submerge the dish in a mixture of hot water (silicone may be boiled for 2-3 minutes) and white vinegar using a ratio of 1 cup of vinegar for 2 cups of warm water. Soak it for 30 mins. Scrub with a gentler sponge and rinse.

Warm Tips
→ Before the first use, clean the utensils well with soapy warm water.
→ It can be cleaned and reused several times.
→ Dishwasher (top rack friendly), microwave, and freezer safe; can be light oven warmed (not cooked): can also be UV sanitized.
→ Spoon and Fork are to be hand washed only if the material is beechwood/bamboo handle. Please do NOT leave soaked in water, a quick warm wash will suffice.
→ To maintain longevity of spoon and Fork handle (beech wood/bamboo only), you can occasionally rub organic coconut oil on the handle.
→ Dispose of the bowl and/or the spoon & fork set at the first sign of any significant damage.
→ Always inspect the products before use and supervise children closely.
→ For better suction power, use the suction baby bowl on glazed tables or highchair trays. Push the silicone baby bowl to make it suck well on the tray.
→ For Bibs - We suggest you put at least two buttons on if your baby is over 2-year-old. So that to make sure the silicone bib cannot be ripped off during the meal.

Silicone is durable and easy to clean. However, there are materials that will degrade or shorten the life of your silicone pieces. Avoid exposing silicone items to extreme cold, prolonged direct sunlight. All baby wares and accessories by StarKiddo are safe, odorless and food grade material. The products are non-toxic, BPA, PVC lead, heavy metal, latex, and phthalate free.

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