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4 Ways To Ensure A Safe Growing Space For Your Kiddo

4 Ways To Ensure A Safe Growing Space For Your Kiddo

Baby proofing your home is REALLY hard and never enough. Feel the same way? Here are a few sure shot things.

It is a very special feeling to know that what has been growing for months in a safe space, is now going to come to the actual real world. But it also strikes you that, here things are, let's say, not as safe and simple as they used to be.

But here we are with the 5 things you should do to ensure a safe growing space for your kiddo.

Baby Proofed Interiors

A very common first step towards keeping a home environment baby-safe for a child, is to get your furniture baby proofed. This begins with having sharp edges covered in soft bearings and ensuring that a baby cannot access doors, cupboards and draws very easily that they hurt themselves.

It is also very essential to have age appropriate items within the reach of your baby. Hard tools, knives, forks, etc. should be far away from the reach of a baby because they are much prone to hurt themselves with it. You can go to any hardware store and find baby safe proofing kits and essentials at ease.

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A Safety Net (For Real)

It is very essential to keep your child safe from bugs and insects at all times, especially around their sleep environment.

You might be very used to keeping yourself safe. You might take great care to keep doors and windows closed at all times too.

But when it comes to keeping your baby safe, they are very fragile and are not completely developed to guard themselves from insect bites and infections.

Adding this net of safety to the sleep environment, keeps your baby safe from bites that are infectious.

Baby sleep is the most important time when a baby grows. During most of their infancy, they sleep around 16-18 hours and all this time it is important to keep them in a safe net.

The sleep environment is an important part of establishing good sleeping habits for your little one. Your child's bedroom should be comfortable, bright, and safe. The crib or bed should be sturdy and have a firm mattress.

The room should be well ventilated and free from any distractions that could keep your child awake at night.

As mentioned earlier, newborns have very little to no protection from infections. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure a clean and hygienic environment at home for your baby.

Small things like making sure whoever is in close proximity to your baby or is holding them washes their hands thoroughly before they go near the baby. Including YOU!


Continuing to talk about the things used around and for the baby, it is essential to keep in mind a few things when it comes to things on the table.

Your baby is nowhere close to the table until they’re 6-8 months old, when they begin weaning.

But until then, when food is served to your baby, it is essential to keep them away from harmful and toxic materials. 

The cutlery or bowls that we generally use for ourselves are made of steel, plastic or glass. All of these are very harmful to have around a baby.

While some might agree with using steel vessels around a baby, it easily transmits heat and there’s a good chance it will hurt your little one.

With plastic, it is very necessary to ensure it is free of BPA & BFA, phthalates and other such toxins. These end up being leading causes for chronic conditions in the future. 

The best tableware for your kiddo will be bamboo and silicone based ones. They come with rounded edges, soft touch feel and are naturally safe for your little ones.

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Just Keep It Natural

The natural environment for your baby is your natural environment itself! Your baby is used to the music and noises that are around it during your pregnancy.

When you make the environment too quiet, that is when your baby is not familiar with what is happening.

Over caring and trying anything and everything that people are telling you will only be a bad experience for you and your baby.

The best way to do things is to listen to your closest elders and new moms about what they did.

That should give you the most relevant and easy methods of maintaining your home and baby needs.

As a new parent, you may be wondering how to keep your baby safe and secure. Babies need to feel safe at home and when they're away from home.

There are a few simple things you can do to help keep your little one safe and secure.

But remember to always consult your pediatrician or healthcare specialist if you have any concerns about your kiddo.