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Silicone Suction ‘Crab’ Feeding Set Combo

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The ‘Crab’ Silicone Suction Mealtime Set is an adorable way to help your baby learn to eat solid foods. This suction base holds the plate in place on your table or high chair, while the fork, spoon, and bib feature a fun design. 🦀

Color - Flamingo Pink
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  • Material- 100% food grade silicone
  • Number of Pieces/ Included Components- 4 piece (1 Plate, 1 bib,1Trainer spoon & Fork)
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH- 27.5 x 27.5 x 19 Centimetres
  • Item Weight- 495 Grams
  • Shape- Crab & Bib 
  • Designed in UK

 🦀 Crab  Suction Plate & Bib Set: Safe, Fun, and Hassle-Free Mealtimes! 🍽️

🍽️ Premium  Food-Grade Silicone: Crafted from 100% Food-Grade Silicone, our product ensures a safe. FDA approved, non-toxic, and free from harmful substances like BPA, phthalates, and parabens, it offers premium quality and durability for your child's mealtime.

🍼 Smooth Weaning Transition: Make the weaning journey a breeze with our baby plates. Their user-friendly design encourages your baby to explore new textures and tastes, supporting a smooth transition from bottle feeding to solid foods.

🚫 Non-Slip Suction Design: Our Suction crab-shaped plates are designed to make mealtime with your little one practical and mess-free. The removable silicone suction ring ensures easy cleaning and adapts as your baby grows. Featuring a reliable non-slip suction base, these plates stay firmly in place, making weaning a breeze. 🍼

🙌Empowering Self-Feeding: Our silicone suction plate and enhanced feeding utensils foster secure and comfortable self-feeding for your toddler. Designed with rounded ends, soft grips, and improved silicone handles, along with stainless steel. they encourage fine motor skill development and build your child's confidence during independent mealtimes.

🥦 Dividers for Balanced Meal Planning: Our Cute plates feature dividers to make it simple to create well-balanced meals with designated compartments for proteins, grains, and veggies.

👶 Adjustable Bib with Crumb Catcher: Our Space-themed adjustable bib is designed to keep mealtime mess-free. Crafted from soft, tear-resistant silicone material, it shields your baby's clothes from dirt, liquids, and oil stains while the built-in crumb catcher keeps spills in check. The secure tie-around-the-neck design ensures it stays in place, guaranteeing mess-free mealtimes.

🍽️ Microwave-Safe & Dishwasher-Friendly: We've meticulously chosen high-quality silicone materials to ensure cleaning is effortless. Our crab-themed plates and bibs are not just microwave-safe for quick and convenient reheating, but they are also dishwasher-friendly for a truly hassle-free cleanup.

Make mealtimes an enjoyable adventure for your little one with the Crab Baby Plate & Bib Set! 🦀🍽️


Exciting Mealtimes

Zero Toxins

Zero Melamine

Environment Friendly

Zero Bpa Or Phthalates

Zero Plastic


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