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AstroGrip Baby Feeding Bowl and Spoon Set

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Color - Pink
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Material- 100% food grade silicone
Number of Pieces/ Included Components-4 piece (1 Bowl, 1 Lid, 1Trainer spoon & Fork)
Item Dimensions LxWxH- 21 x 16x 10 Centimetres
Item Weight-380 Grams
Shape- Round
Designed in UK

Introducing the Starkiddo Suction Bowl with Integrated Utensil Holder:

🍽️ Convenient Utensil Holder: Easily access utensils with the built-in holder, streamlining meal prep.

🚀 Secure Self-Feeding: The suction base prevents spills, offering stability during self-feeding and weaning.

🌟 Safe and Durable: Crafted from high-quality food-grade silicone, it's safe and easy to clean.

🌈 Encourages Independence: Promotes self-feeding skills, fostering healthy eating habits.

🍼 Neat Weaning Journey: Enhances mealtime interactions for seamless transition to solid foods.

🌬️ Freshness Lock: Airtight lid preserves food freshness, ideal for leftovers or snacks.

Make mealtimes enjoyable with the Starkiddo Suction Bowl – designed for exploration and convenience. 🥄🍽️


Exciting Mealtimes

Zero Toxins

Zero Melamine

Environment Friendly

Zero Bpa Or Phthalates

Zero Plastic


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