Leo Bamboo Suction Plate

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The Bamboo weaning plate is strong as ‘Leo the Lion’ The plate that sticks to table with a high-power suction base for your babies which prevents flips during self-feeding. Our bamboo children’s plate is designed to put your sanity, and your little one’s safety first. Begin your baby-led weaning journey with these essential baby gear. 🦁

Color - Orange
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  • Material- 100% Bamboo product and food-grade silicone
  • Number of Pieces/ Included Components- 2 pieces (1 Bamboo Leo Plate, 1 Trainer spoon)
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH- 20 x 15.5 x 1.5  Centimetres
  • Item Weight- 430 Grams
  • Shape- Leo
  • Designed in the  UK

     Embrace Mealtime Joy with Leo, the Perfect Suction Plate for Your Little One 🦁

🌿 Eco-Friendly Excellence:
. 100% natural and free of plastic and toxins. Approved by the FDA and completely BPA-free, these plates are both safe and sustainable.

🧲 Unmatched Mealtime Security:
Leo's suction base ensures a slip-free dining experience. This strong, non-slip base acts as a guardian, preventing spills and making mealtimes hassle-free for you and your child.

🍽️ Effortless Transition to Solid Foods:
Leo's smart design helps your little one explore new flavors and textures, making the transition from bottle feeding to solid foods a breeze.

🙌 Encouraging Self-Feeding Skills:
Leo's bamboo suction plate and feeding spoon, equipped with soft silicone tips and eco-friendly bamboo handles, empower your child to develop self-feeding skills. The non-slip suction base and easy-to-handle spoons encourage independence and fine motor skill development.

🍏 Portion Control for Wholesome Meals:
Leo's Baby Led Weaning Plate with Portion Control Divider offers perfectly sized portions for little hands, promoting balanced eating and minimizing mess. Even picky eaters will find mealtimes easier.

🦁 Captivating Designs for Kids: Leo's adorable suction plates come in various animal shapes and colors, making mealtimes fun and engaging for your child.

🍽️Easy to Clean: 
Gently wash by hand using warm water and a mild dish detergent, then let it air-dry. For added durability, apply coconut oil once a month to prolong the life of your plate.

🎁 A Thoughtful Gift for New Parents:
Leo's Suction Plate is the perfect gift for new parents, bringing joy to their exciting parenthood journey. Let Leo add a touch of happiness to your child's mealtimes! 🦁


Exciting Mealtimes

Zero Toxins

Zero Melamine

Environment Friendly

Zero Bpa Or Phthalates

Zero Plastic


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